“The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy”     Maria Montessori

The morning: a time for concentration

8:30am: the classroom is a haven of peace and concentration. This work phase lasts until 11:30am. We understand the importance for children to work uninterrupted for 3 hours, in order to develop concentration, co-ordination and independence.

Each child is busy with an activity he or she has chosen. The teacher, after showing the exercise first, observes and encourages the children to explore the learning materials. The teacher may simply offer guidance, or introduce the child to a new activity when the time is right.

The Montessori classroom is also a communal, multi-aged environment. The children learn to work together, the older ones mentoring and assisting the younger ones. Each child is free to move around the classroom socializing, discussing what he or she has done and also observing other children.

11:30am to noon “circle time”: 10 minutes dedicated to collective activities, then it’s time to run around outside before lunch.


12 Noon to 1pm: Meal time.

Every day, a group of children helps with laying the tables. Others are dedicated to tidying and cleaning up after the meal.

Everyone takes part. The sense of shared responsibility builds self-esteem.

The afternoon: a time for invigoration

1:30pm: Games in the park, treasure hunts in the forest or fun with furry friends at the animal farm – there is much to see and to do, out in the fresh air.

If we stay indoors, the classroom becomes a haven of creativity.

Art, music, cooking or story-telling (with guest readers): it’s a festival for the senses and the imagination!

4:00pm: home time