Meet the team

Directress and Head teacher
English-speaking Montessori teacher

AMI Diploma 3-6 years

Dear Parents,

My motivation in founding a Montessori school is driven by my absolute belief, as a parent and as a teacher, that the Montessori method is a blessing for young children. I am always delighted to meet with parents and to present the Montessori method and philosophy to them. It is a source of joy for me to accompany children in their exploration of life and to provide an inspiring, studied environment where they will thrive.

I am a certified AMI Montessori teacher for children ages 3 to 6 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in education from Japan. I have taught in Montessori preschools for the last 11 years. And I am a parent who has seen her own children through a Montessori education, and marveled at the confidence and skills it has offered them, for life.

I look forward to meeting you!


French-speaking Montessori teacher

AMI Diploma 3-6 years

Dear Parents,

It has been a great pleasure working with Kimiyo at « Little Birds » for the past three years. Besides holding a Master’s degree in the Science of Education, I am a fully-certified AMI teacher for 3-6 year olds.

The Montessori pedagogy was an obvious choice for me. Maria Montessori advocated concepts such as the development and respect for the child, which are the basis for learning. Working with children is a source of great joy. It is immensely gratifying to show children how they can work and enjoy it at the same time.