Parent testimonials 

“After two and a half years of patient and intensive work with Kimiyo and Alexandra, the results have been profuse”

“We have greatly appreciated the respect shown to our daughter and how her needs were met during the different stages of her development, as well as the approach and values imparted to her regarding respect for life and for nature”

“From the moment our daughter comes to school, she enters the specially prepared environment. The variety and richness of the activities have allowed our daughter to grow, have more confidence and manage her emotions”

“My son has acquired knowledge without the competitive spirit you can observe in a classic academic school”

“There is no doubt that the method used in the Montessori classroom represents a solid base that gives my son the best tools to face his future with self-confidence and a sense of responsibility”

“I am very happy that my two daughters had the opportunity to attend Montessori Preschool Little Birds before our family moved back to Portugal for good. I thank Kimiyo and  Alexandra very much for the positive impact they had on their education and development during such an important period of their lives”

“We have noticed a welcomed increase in our daughter’s self-confidence and autonomy. She is more assertive and independent and had also increased her self-discipline”

“Kimiyo and Alexandra have shown great care in accompanying our daughter in her learning process. We were very happy with the communication and follow-up we had with the school”